Like all classics, a cart should have only its proper elements, no embellishments, just simple lines. Appearance and overall impression are kept tight, with a combination of streamlined style, polished details and superior quality.
Simple, modern, unique and inherited design aesthetics
Try to reduce the sense of fragmentation and fragmentation, a breakthrough of a large number of geometric, rational lines, give Leeyoung unique design language.
Professional and individual industrial design team
Uphold the pursuit of professional and inclusive personality attitude, with superb professional and the infinite pursuit of perfection, to achieve every design breakthrough. We have always believed that design exists in every detail.
  • Folded storage
  • One-step forming of base plate
  • Freely adjustable height
  • Open and close with ease
  • Anti-collision
  • More load-bearing
Focus on quality, Seiko artful work
No matter where you can see, or hidden parts, good workmanship and material grade is only a prerequisite, from the overall structure of the ingenuity, to the design of rationality, to maintain the focus on quality of the original design.